Paleo Research Institute, Inc. (established in 1972), is a small business whose focus is to provide excellent identifications and interpretations of archaeobotanic remains in a contract framework at a reasonable cost. We strive to further research goals, recommending specific research questions and sampling designs to archaeologists and other scientists with whom we work. Currently we are building teams to facilitate a creative and comfortable working environment.

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• A permanent, professional level administrator position for a motivated, experienced person with developed organizational skills and abilities willing to work effectively, often independently, in a critical position in a growing company dedicated to excellence in complex scientific analysis. It is desirable, although not required, to have some familiarity with scientific analysis and processes.
• The administrative position is vital to our functioning. An effective professional administrator is essential to the efficient functioning of any office, whether government, private industry, large corporation, or small business. What our company requires is professional experience; this is not an entry level position that can succeed with only “on the job” training. Training will be provided in current office standards and procedures; there is opportunity for an effective, creative person to refine these office processes and expand responsibilities and services.

Now Accepting Admin Applications. To apply, send a resume and a cover letter which details your background and experience to


Internships can be designed to work with your availability and interests. Internships are unpaid educational opportunities. Some possibilities are listed below. Contact us to discuss your interests.

1. Phytoliths from Seeds. We have a large collection of seeds that can be digested for recovery of phytoliths. This internship will involve chemical digestion of seeds to release the phytoliths, then mounting the phytoliths on microscope slides. Each of the slides will be examined using a binocular microscope and the phytoliths will be documented. Documentation will include both photography and written descriptions. Photos will be inserted into FileMaker Pro (you will be trained to do this). This project can be either a summer internship (working on a fraction of our collection) or a master’s thesis if you undertake a full analysis and categorization of the phytoliths.
2. Starches. We have a starch reference collection that we would like to have photographed. In addition, we would like to create more slides from our existing seed reference collection. Other fresh foods also will be sampled for starches. This requires no chemical lab work, but will involve using a microscope and a camera attached to the microscope, as well as slide preparation.
3. GIS. We are mapping all of the projects that we have ever worked on. The project is being done in stages, through multiple internships. Currently, we have all of our projects up to April 2010 in the database and mapped using ArcGIS. Next we need to make the maps interactive on our website so that anyone can click on a state, view the state, and then click on a county to see information about the projects that have been completed. Requirements: Working proficiency with ArcGIS; web programming skills to design an appropriate infrastructure. The project must be compatible with our PHP-based pages.

Now Accepting Intern Applications. To apply, send a resume/CV and a cover letter with the desired internship position, a brief statement about your research background, and what you hope to gain from the position. Please send these materials to