Geologic Analyses

PRI offers multiple services for geologic research. We have the capability to rapidly process cores with our state-of-the-art inline XRF system, which can evaluate elements from sodium (10) to uranium (92). We also offer traditional single-sample XRD, with XRF analysis used to refine the results. In some cases, FTIR can be helpful as well.

In addition to compositional analysis, we can perform AMS radiocarbon dating of organics within a core to develop a chronological model of its deposition. This can be key in climatic inference, a service PRI can also provide. Depending on the context, analysis of the pollen may also be helpful if the core is intended for environmental reconstruction.

AMS Radiocarbon

By carefully measuring the decay of 14C relative to stable carbon isotopes, we can infer the age of an organic sample

Climate Modelling

Subtle clues in isotopes, pollen, and sediment mortphology allows us to reconstruct the climate of the past

Core Scanning

Using XRF, we can analyze in 0.1mm increments elements from Na to U, as well as target FTIR and XRD to phases


We can identify the composition of geological materials using XRF and XRD


Identify organics and other molecules using mid-range infrared


Palynology helps reconstruct the ecosystem of your site in time and space


Identify the minerological phases in either cores or single samples using this standard technique


Identify elements present using XRF

Contextual Results

With all of our services, we provide the context needed to interpret the results with client-based reports and background information