Agriculture Analytics

Agriculture represents the key industry for civilization - we need food to feed the planet. Advances in sensor technology allow for rapid dry-lab testing of samples using both X-ray fluorescence and infrared. This allows us to assess essential plant nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Sulfur, and Potassium in addition to micronutrients like Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, and Molybdenum.

Sometimes the sum is greater than the parts. At PRI, we can integrate longer-term studies of the interactions between soil, plant, and fertilizer. Reach us at our contact page to start a discussion on how we can set up a study to evaluate your current agricultural system.

Plant Nutrients

Analyze P, S, and K using X-ray fluorescence


Biio-available N can be analyzed using FTIR

Field Analysis

Map the distribution of either nutrients or toxins on your land


Toxic metals like Pb, Cd, As, and Hg can be quickly identified to the ppm-level using XRF

Soil Analysis

Identify near-term and long-term nutrients and toxins in your field


Verify the fertilizers you use with multiple techniques


Do you want to know if your plants are taking up the nutrients you put in? We can pair plant, soil, and fertlizer analysis.

Contextual Results

With all of our services, we provide the context needed to interpret the results with client-based reports and background information